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Thread: Transatlantic freelancer

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    Hi all,

    I am a self employed web developer from Cyprus (Europe). Through my website, I am constantly getting requests from people overseas(mostly stateside) to make sites for them.
    I've never freelanced this way before.

    Is it safe? How easy is it for clients to cheat you with non-payment? What sort of questions should I be asking would be clients?

    Is there a body/club/society that helps/protects/advises long distance freelancers?

    I would greatly appreciate any advice given.

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    Just a few things off the top of my head,

    -Get a signed contract from the clients.
    -Always get half down for the project before you start. You can use something like http://www.paypal.com to accept credit card payments.

    There's nothing wrong with doing business that way as long as you cover your back. There's much more, but those are the two most important I can think of.

    Hope this helps.


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    Thanks NCC for the advise and for the Paypal tip.

    I read a lot on these boards about freelancers getting contracts signed before starting any work. That makes a lot of sense if you are all from the same place. I mean, if I were to send a contract from here (Cyprus) to the States, and the client broke it, what are the odds that I could do anything about it (short of getting on a plane). Would I have to hire a lawer in the States before starting any projects? Are there international contract templates available? If a project is worth tens of thousands, then it makes sense, but for simple website worth only a couple of thousand dollars, it seems too easy to get conned...

    Are there any freelancers out there who actually work long distance who can offer advice?

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    I've done work for a company overseas before and you must be very careful. Make sure you keep every single piece of written correspondence with them (especially anything pertaining to payment). People will try to take advantage and you must keep your wits about you when dealing with clients so far away. Definitely go for half the payment upfront. And keep contact from your side - do they like the changes you've made, do they want this, are they happy with what you've done, etc. And I suggest you get to know everyone involved with the site in the other country. Telephone/video conferences and then followed up with emails. Because the more contact they have with you the less likely they'll be to try to avoid payments.
    Good luck with it!

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