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Thread: urgh preloaders

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    i cant get my preloader to work its trearly annoying me. im using the fiollowing code.

    gotoAndPlay ("Scene 1", 1);

    what i did was ive put my loading page and the loading animation in the first scene first frame. and then when it has loaded i want it to go to the next scene first frame.
    NOTE: alough it says above gotoAndPlay ("Scene 1", 1); it is actuarly going to the next scene.

    why wont it preload?

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    In the second frame of the preloader scene put a gotoAndPlay frame 1. Also remember to do this in the if frame loaded action; Specify if 'what frame in what scene' has loaded gotoAndPlay bla bla. for a more correct wording check the tutorial section for preloaders.

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