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Thread: [RESOLVED] whassup! lol! .:: :-) ::.

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    resolved [RESOLVED] whassup! lol! .:: :-) ::.

    hey if ne1 is interested http://www.friendsofed.com sell sum EXCELLENT books on web design stuff and u can download sum chapters... ive already ordered sum of their stuff and it only costs like $44 per book...

    p.s. if ne1 is into mp3'z search "reset - double cross" or "pollution" or "pressure" seriously dudes this band kick sum serious butt!

    im not a promoter or nething so dont get accusing...

    smell ya l8r

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    caithness massiv
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    May 2000
    hrmmm.... ok... newbie forum is for newbie flash questions

    feel free to post stuff like this in the coffee lounge where general chat happens

    peace out!

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