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Thread: anyone here an Adobe fan?

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    Hi There!

    I have a problem. I need to resize about 3,000 images to a particular size. I have been considering using a photoshop action, but does anyone know of a better or easier solution to handle this huge number? I am open to using different software or even a programming solution.

    please let me know!


    Shaheeb R.

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    Have all your images in the same folder.

    Make a contact sheet (File\Automate\Contact Sheet)

    Have a few dummy runs to get the right size/dpi required, this is handy providing you don't want to keep the images separate.
    However, if ya do you can still do the contact sheet, then cut & paste each into a new file . . . 3,000 (! PHEW THAT'S A LOT!)

    All depends what size you need 'em . . .

    Good Luck!

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    i think if you make your subject a little more like
    "i have to optimize 3.000 pictures, someone have a easier way out?" people will give you more answeers, lots of time you have to be good making the subject so you will get peoples atention.

    I will however try to translate they way i do it, because i dot lots of my work in italian and i have now i dea how to transalate computer terms. mean while i hope someone will help you solve the problem soon.

    However a easy way out there is not, youw ill have to work quite hard anyway.

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    Under file, there's your automate menu, then batch.
    Pick your source folder, action set and destination folder, so you don't overwrite your originals. Better still set up the batch action as an action in itself and then just tweak it for future use.
    3000 files. you don't work in a prison do you?....

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