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Thread: Preloading a load movie command

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    I am trying to preload a movie thru the"load/unload movie" command "into level 1". I am loading all my spikes in the beginning and this is a huge one. How do i stop it from appearring during the loading sequence? any suggestions?

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    Would this do
    Put a blank frame at the beginning of the movie you are loading with a stop action?
    Then when you want it call it with a play command from somewhere appropriate.
    also if you might want it again dont unload just send it to frame one, so it can come back instantly when called.

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    I'll try that.. thanks

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    You could load it, then make it invisible right away, like this

    loadMovieNum ("movie.swf", 1);
    setProperty ("_level1", _visible, "1")

    then to make it visible do

    setProperty ("_level1", _visible, "0")

    I don't have flash on this computer so im not sure abotu ayntax or anything but that should work


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