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Thread: Any work arounds??

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    I feel that Macromedia has made a major oversight by not allowing us to create an interface that allows more dynamic content. Sure you can make fantastic looking interfaces, but the main focus should be content; especially now that most web site use dynamically created pages using a backend. I initially wanted to learn flash so I could enhance my content. I thought Flash would be an easier and more flexible alternative to CSS. I have found several things, so far, that are a downside for my usage. Are there any work arounds? Will the macromedia resolve any of these in future versions?

    1) You can not change the size of a dynamic text field. I have seen many messages in forums that are concerned with this.

    2) You can call a function from Flash to scripting language in it's HTML file, but not the reverse. Why can't I call functions I defined in the movie from the HTML script?

    3) The most surprising is not being able to include images like the html image tag! It's a must with sites that are image intensive. I think even using a generator is ridiculous; the image source shouldn't have to be converted from a standard to .swf format. It's a waste of time and space, not to mention the cost for buying functionality (Generator) that should already be included in the product. For example, who wants to modify a movie or convert a .gif or .jpg to .swf every time they have a new product/ image? You can't even do a work around with a Text object because it will only accept specific code. I want to display queried images in .gif or .jpg format located on a server. Is this impossible??

    In my opinion, Macromedia should focus on the (dynamic) content side of their product as well as the visual. They made ActionScript very similar to JavaScript which was very smart on their part (although most scripting languages are C-oriented these days). I am still a newbie, but it seems that users have to find work arounds to what should be built-in functionality. I hope that Macromedia will listen to wish lists and consider the scriptors suggestions as well as the designers.

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    Hi MAnneM,

    You are right on that. However, someone recently pointed out that most generator applications just insert images, so why should MM kill this source of income.
    There are, however, a few other ways to generate dynamic flash pages (at lower cost), and there are also ways to generate swf files from images dynamically

    BTW: you can call functions in your movie from the HTML, but it does not work on all browsers, so you should not use this for vital navigation functions


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