Ive got this problem..Firstill tell you the structure of movie..Ive got a htmlpage where it has a splash image..You click on that a window pops up and then theres the base movie..level0..Now there r buttons and for every button a movie loads a section into a seperate level..so basically ive got a swf file for each section.To cut down the loading time..
Now..For the design section ive got examples of design work ive done..I want these to open up in a seperate pop up window as well..So what ive done is in the html page where the base movie (level0) ive put the following code

var newwin;

function launchwin(winurl,winname,winfeatures)
//This launches a new window and then
//focuses it if window.focus() is supported.
newwin = window.open(winurl,winname,winfeatures);
if(javascript_version > 1.0)
//delay a bit here because IE4 encounters errors
//when trying to focus a recently opened window

Then for the button where i want to open my second pop up window ive got this get url action
javascript:launchwin('good.htm' , 'newwindow' , 'height=520,width=720')

But it doesnt open the second pop up window..Is it because ive loaded that movie and it doesnt see the script in the html for the base movie..Or am i doing something wrong..
Cheers guys