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Thread: the context of design....

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    To all designers,
    I attempted to post this in the coffee lounge and got hardly any response, probably because I had the wrong forum...but this should interest those interested in the wider relevance of design.

    Our view of the world is a result of our upbringing and our culture. In other words, our view of the world is different from someone who comes from a different backgound, country, or generation.
    If you take this idea further, then our understanding, or view, of the world is restricted by what kind of culture we come from and its values.

    To relate it to design, the idea is stretched so that our interpretation of the visual and audio media (eg flash design) is partly a result of our own experiences, or context.
    How do you deal with this in your design, or not, as may be the case?


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    design for the tastes and qualities of the intended audience

    • If you have background music, allow it to be changed, but do not forget to have many different types of music for different tastes.
    • ditto for the backgrounds
    • You may want to have someone translate the site for you into multiple languages(professionally, or by a friend, family member, or co worker)
    • do not force content upon people that might be offensive to them

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    Oscar, I don't really agree that people design based on their cultural background alone. Design has a lot to do with individual taste. (If you and I came from the same country, and I liked a site with red spots and purple squiggles on it, there's no way you can say it's a cultural thing, because you may not like that site ... do you see what I'm getting at??)

    I certainly don't believe designers ideas are "restricted" by their backgrounds. In my experience, I have not encountered anyone who will only design with a certain style. I think we learn (and create) new ways all the time.

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    I agree with you that we don't design according to a specific formulae dictated by our culture, however, the culture that we are brought up in will affect how we understand and relate to different forms of communication.
    For example, traditional non western cultures will have a very mixed response to the western fashion scene, magazine layouts, and especially some of the riskier front covers, in the same way, a westerner will not fully understand the values imposed in other countries.
    Or for example, differences between religions.

    I hope I am not confusing the issue here.

    However, our experiences are our limitations, we gain new experiences all the time, therefore we shift our limitations and/or perhaps remove them all together.

    We push those limitations with our design, yet our imagination is still a partial limitation (unless you have an infinite imagination)
    its not a black or white issue, but a merging of different concepts...

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