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Thread: New opportunities, but which direction?

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    Well first I'd like to officially say hello, (been 'lurking' on these boards for a good few years now, just was too busy to do anything useful).

    Have decided this week to split for my business partner of three years, and hence the purpose of this post, not sure where to 'go' next.

    I always did all the design and technology stuff, came up with all the solutions etc. ... whereas he was the 'business-brains' and dealt with the client facing side. This means I'm having to suddenly think about both sides of the business, and I wondered if any of you in a similar position had any snippets of advice?? (or am I just being cheeky?)

    Thanks in advance, and I hope that now i have sone 'quality-time' I can post more often on these wonderful boards!


    PS ... oh I guess it might be helpful to know my experience level. Used Flash since it was FutureSplash, trained as a typographer, can design and program (AS, Perl, Lingo, JS), and the last project I worked on was the lead architect of www.moonfruit.com (yes... I know, I'm sorry!)

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    An official Flashkit "Welcome" to you! It's great to have you aboard. Since you've been lurking for awhile you're probably already familiar with everyone here, so just feel free to jump right in and get dirty!

    One thing I found easy to do was to pick up the business side of things. If you have good interpersonal skills, you will do just fine. If you don't, just try to find someone that you feel comfortable with to "sell" your services for you. I have done this in the past... not because I didn't feel comfortable working with people, but more because I didn't have the time to hit the streets and knock on doors.

    I love the interaction with customers nearly as much as the design work itself.

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    Thanks for the warm welcome! and the advice!

    Guess I've always had issues with customers ... I LOVE working on their problems and coming up with solutions, but HATE it when they have predefined solutions (that are often hideously wrong) ... guess I've never been that patient! So finding someone who can act as a 'buffer' is perhaps a good idea...?

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