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Thread: I can't believe I don't know this, but...

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    ... for some reason I have always been confused about this...

    How do I alter perspective in Flash. For example, I want to take an icon for an envelope that I have made (simple rectangle shape) and make it spin. No problem with that. Where I run into the problem is that I want to take the rectangle shape and distort it like it is at a 3/4 view (as if it is laying on a table and you are sitting next to it) and have that spin. This means that the corner that is closest to the view will be larger, and the corner that is farther away will be smaller. Know what I mean?
    I would like to do it with text, too sometimes, but don't really know how. Do I make a shape tween and work with it there, or can I make a symbol and use some tool I don't know about to distort it?


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    so it would look 3d? ull have 2 use a program such as swift for that. sry, im not sure i fully understand what u mean

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    Dunno for sure about this, but ya could try the TRANSFORM section and skew it. Thats what I'd try

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