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Thread: Help w/retreiving Array values from external file?

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    *NOTE: This is for a site that is totally non-profit and I am making no
    money from. If anyone would like to help write this script /code I can
    offer a free sail on the Race boat (get you signed up as guest crew for
    a race) or take you for a day sail between now and August in return for
    services. Otherwise, we need this soon and any help here is appreciated.

    I am trying to figure out how to accomplish the following;

    1- create a tool that the site owner can use to update crew list for
    sailing race events. Each event would use a common swf file (used by
    all events)
    to display that events unique title and crew list. The unique contents
    consist of a title header and 7 crew position fields.

    2 - Access the common event crew list swf from an html table/list of
    the events. Clicking on an event would open a new window with the
    swf file with correct unique elements in the flash file for that event.

    My thoughts on approach;

    - TOOL -

    - Create a swf that will live in the site directory path.

    - This swf contains a button for each event (30 currently) that when
    clicked/selected will update a variable (#event) with an array offset
    and a variable (#eventName), 7 crew position fields for text to enter
    crew names that update a variable each (#helm, #nav, etc.) and a submit
    that would write the following to a signal external file (also in the
    site directory path) ;

    - Event crew list strings for each of 7 arrays in the proper offset
    (based on the #event variable). each array name/variable is based on
    the above
    mentioned crew position variables (#helm, #nav, etc.).

    - Event name string for the event name array (based on the
    #eventName variable)

    A validation should take place after the submit to compare the current
    contents of the form and buttons (variables) with those in the target
    text file.
    This may be a separate button with pass or fail feed back. Upon "pass"
    feedback the user could click a reset button the allows the user to
    enter crew
    list info for another event.


    - The crew list swf file contains text elements that use variables to
    fill in content.
    - When a user clicks the html link on the html table/crew list page a
    javascript command opens a new window with the common crew swf file and
    creates a variable for this swf file to retrieve via an fscommand that
    tells it what off set to use to retrieve (_loadVariables)variable string
    values from
    the arrays stored in the text file. The results of these variable
    string values from the total of 8 arrays in the text file update the
    variables in the swf
    file which than displays the correct content for that event.

    ???ss Problems.....

    1. How do I initially create the common text file. I understand from
    some documentation I have been able to find that this text file needs to
    with a std. MIME format. How do I do that? Where can I get guidelines
    MIME syntax/format?
    2. How will Flash Forms write in the proper MIME format to this text
    file? How will it overwrite/update existing array items? What are any
    scripting concerns?
    3. How will I find and update the correct array in the text file from
    4. What javascript commands will I need to use to create the variable
    from html? Where do I store this variable so I can use an fscommand
    from the
    swf to retrieve it for the array offset value ?
    5. How I read in just the array offset values I want from the external
    text file?
    6. Is any of this possible or am I crazy?

    Please feel free to contact me directly at:


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    Wow. What a book!

    Try reposting in one of the flash help forums. You should find more/better help there. As far as helping out with the project, send me an e-mail and tell me a little more about the project.

    Lou C. Fur

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