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Thread: I think this is a pre-loader question, but not sure

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    Howdy all, this might belong in action scriptin forum, not sure, but anyway: I made a generic text fading intro


    I decided to make that movie an intro to a bigger movie which will include more generic text fading, and a semi sizable sound loop. Is there anyway to have this larger movie loading in background while the first movie plays?

    Thanks in advance


    I'm not even close to the level of a newbie yet

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    Try this.....make your intro scene 2.....make the long movie scene 1......when you publish select the load from "bottom up" the intro scene will start playing while the long movie loads......the trick is going to be making the intro scene long enough that the long movie loads.....that time is going to be variable depending on the connect speed of the viewer.....might do better to loop your intro and add an "if frame loaded" action to start the long movie when it has completely loaded......Hope this helps

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    you would put this code into the first frame of the intro:

    If (_framesloaded=_totalframes)
    Go to and Stop (myscene)
    End If

    where "myscene" is the name of the scene/frame that needs to be loaded

    and in the last frame of the introduction:

    Go to and Play (1)

    where "1" is the first frame of the intro

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    Thanks for the help guys, you're the greatest.

    P.S. The whole jewstyle thing is a joke, we're not jew supremists, we're not racist, it's just a joke. The majority of the people involoved in JEWSTYLE are jewish, blah whatever, just don't get offended.

    Thanks for the help guys.


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