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Thread: help with my nav system

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    I've been trying to get this question answered for some time now. I figured Flashkit is the only place left to turn.

    I want to develope a dynamic tab system at the top of every page on a site. This nav system will be part of a virtual include.

    If you go to http://www.eyewire.com, there is a similar system. When you click on a tab it goes to that page and the images swap to make the tab appear on top. That tab would also appear on top if you had typed in the direct URL, so I know it's not some lame form action.

    I hope that all this isn't done manually. I'm not shure if it would be an XML, DHTML, or script action. Please help me if you can!



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    this looks like it was done via graphically. you design the main site then each tab is re-colored to show just the tab you want to show on that html page. you save each tab as a different gif/jpg whatever. so when you click on it, it comes up

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    thanks but

    Thanks. But I really need to find out the "script" one uses to determine what picture shows up, and how it knows to show up on that page.

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    Hi smpclient,

    they seem to use a server-side script to send gif images reflecting the various states. Do "view source" on various pages and look for the gif images that go with the image maps.
    I dont know whether there is a way to automate the creation of these gif images


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