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Thread: Three Giant Problems (for me, at least)

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    AH! Please help me! I'm trying to tinker around with Flash and make a nice animation, but three things will not happen! I need to a) morph text (I've tried break apart) and it just doesn't work. b) Whenever I publish my animation to the web, it ALWAYS loops, how do I fix that? And lastly, as if you weren't tired of me enough, When my 4 links come to their places, as they animate out to their appropriate places, the links automatically activate and open the respective sites (I tried on mouse event and press and release and what not). Any help would assist in easing my tense nerves.

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    The animation is at http://www.geocities.com/unclemeatpockets

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    This is all guesswork, so pardon me if some of these don't work.

    A. TEXT MORPHING: Make sure you break apart, and use "Shape" tweening rather than "Motion" tweening. The right click tween is the motion variety, shape tween is found in the frame tab. Correctly done it should be a green rather than blue shade. Shape tweening will not work with symbols. Use layering of different layers to get a desired effect.

    B. Tho stop at the end, make a layer called actions. At the end of the file, put make a frame action that says "stop;"

    C. It sounds as if you're using getURL. What you want to do is to put that into a button action so that it gets the page when clicked. Create a button. and in the actions put getURL. Automatically, it should sandwich it between an onRelease{}. This way tha page will only come up when clicked.

    Hope this helps.

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