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Thread: Help : getting preloader movie to loop

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    I made a preloader movie,
    its just text, it will not loop.

    I tried using some actions in the
    end frame but they did not

    How can I make this movie loop please,
    this is my final project and is already late




    I put the movie clip in the first frame
    of the main movie.

    This preloader just says loading
    thats all

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    First of all put this action in the last frame of your preloader-mc:

    gotoAndPlay (1);

    In the first frame of your main movie is this mc, to this frame add the following action:

    ifFrameLoaded (your_number) {
    gotoAndPlay (what_you_want);
    tellTarget (_root.your_preloader_mc) {
    stop ();

    In the second frame also put an instance of your mc and add this action to the frame:

    tellTarget (_root.your_preloader_mc) {
    play ();
    gotoAndPlay (1);

    I hope that I was able to help and that it works

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