I'm trying to make two swf-files work togheter.

The idea is to have to swf-files in the same htm-document.
The first swf-file (let's call it swf1) is supposed to be a "navigation swf" with a couple of buttons.

And the second swf-file (swf2) is supposed to be the "action swf" were the things should happened.

Can I make this work? To be able to press a button i swf1 and make it play a specified frame in swf2..

I have tried the tell target function but doesn't really get it to work...(well, don't get it to work!)

I have heard this is possible to make two swf's work togheter, but how?

I am quite new at flash so this might be a stupid or easy question? /Thankful for all help, daniel.