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Thread: Button - Tracking as Menu Item

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    What does button option "Tracking as Menu Item" do?

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    The "Track as Button" and "Tracking as Menu Item" affect the "On Release" statement and the rollover button state conditions.

    When a button is in its normal state ("Track as Button") :

    The button rollover state occurs only when rolled over with the mouse button NOT pressed.

    "On Release" statement is only executed when the mouse has been clicked in a button's hit area and then released in the same button's hit area.

    When a button option is "Tracking as Menu Item" it means

    The button rollover state occurs whether or not the the mouse button is pressed.

    "On Release" statement is executed when the mouse is released over the button's hit area. It does NOT need to have been pressed in same button's hit area.

    Hope this helps,


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