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Thread: sadee.com

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    got some aesthetic invention going on


    check it

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    I'm blown. This is someting worth pursuing as a style. I'm sorry that I'm not an innovator myself, but I know when I see something that I like,

    it reminds me a bit of that russian dude people couldn't stop raving it about a while ago.

    both are definitely actionscript savvy and have an eye for classic design.

    I'm into it. Looking forward to remaking my portfolio

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    Cool site...

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    this site is pretty cool.

    i think the scroll bars should be removed, since they're not being used, and i think the main content area would look better if it were in its own properly size javascript pop up window with the page below it being black or something. the way it is now with the white background kinda washes out the sublties of the main content area.

    this reminded me of another really cool site, albeit a commercial one www.sade.com


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