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    Sorry if this is a silly question but I am new at this...when importing a flashtyper swf file into a fla file is it possible to have the swf file play over and over??

    Hope someone has a yes!! answer for me )


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    If you are using Flash just import it into a movie clip
    and dont place a STOP at the end of the MC. then just put the MC on the stage where u would like it to appear...

    If you are just using the .swf from FlashTYPER. then add this line of HTML to your page.
     <param name="Loop" value="1">

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    thanks for that but neither worked :(

    thank you for your suggestion.....it's a flash typer swf file which plays, stops for 4 seconds and then fades out. I made a new fla file with one time line and two frames frame one is a empty MC with an action of load movie and the url for the flash typer swf....the second frame has just the stop action.

    If I remove the stop action in frame two the swf file does not play.

    I also placed the code into the html but that did not make it loop either?? any other suggestions?


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    flashtyper swf file how to make it loop??

    sorry just posting here again to try and get some attention on this topic (more detailed info in my second post up there) hope someone out there can help me


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