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Thread: ASP, arrays, and dynamic text

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    Good Afternoon,

    I have a movie which uses ASP to populate a dynamic text field. I have defined an array in my Flash movie to allow for multiple records. For example, if there are two records, in Flash results[0] gets assigned to the data first record, and results[1] gets assigned to the data for the second record.

    If I assign my dynamic text field the variable name 'results[0]' or 'results[1]', it gets assigned and populated properly. My issue is I would like to assign the dynamic text field the name 'tempResult', and assign it to the value of each array record starting with results[0]. When I assign the dynamic text the variable name 'tempResult', and assign it's value as below:

    tempResult = eval(result[0]);

    nothing is displayed in the dynamic text field.

    Any suggestions?

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    results [ ] is not a good way to name a variable as you are using the array evaluater "[ ]" and this may confuse flash as to whether you are referring to an array.


    tempResult = result_1

    should be adaquate.


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