I have just purchased Flash 4 last week, so I am a newbie, so please bear with me.

I would like to create an auto run CD using the flash projector programme. I know how to create an auto run for a CD, my problem is the following.

I have three buttons in my movie:-

1. To view a PDF index file of a CD
2. To install Acrobat Reader from a CD
3. To exit the installation programme.

I can get buttons 2 and 3 to work using the FS command however I cannot get button one to work. I have tried using (Get URL "index.pdf",window="_blank") however this launches IE5 and runs Acrobat from within. I donot want this!! I cannot use the FS command to locate the EXE file, as the installation for Acrobat will be in a different location on different machines.

Is there a way of running the index.pdf file straight into Acrobat Reader without having to launch Internet Explorer?