I know there are several posts about flash vs shockwave however I would like to look at this from a different perspective.
Being from the UK currently there are very few broadband Internet connections and although I donít mind downloading the larger shockwave 3D games, i know many pople would not wait. I would like to know how popular is this technology in the states and Canada? Where I believe that broad band is a lot more common.
Some of the shockwave 3D games I have seen are absolutely amazing; they really are a league, or two, above the flash games.
I would like to know why file size so important when broadband internet supposed to be the future. How many people with a broadband internet would be bothered about a short wait, hey its not even a long download on a 56K Why continue to struggle with flash when so much more powerful tools are available.
And these games are just so good, check out


thanks for your time