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Thread: Exporting in Photoshop... plz help

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    Hi guys.

    Well I want to export an image in Photoshop 6.0. It looks nice i think .. go here to see it...


    Yes it says "Feel and Feel the crimson rain" .. i messed up..

    Anyway the problem is not that i don't know how to export the problem is importing into flash.

    When I attempt to put this image into Flash 5.0 it comes out looking like a low resolution quicktime movie... or something like that. At first i tried importing just .PSD then i tried .GIF and .JPG, but always the same results.

    In 2advanced.com , for example, he has a type of image with similar colors i think, but how does he make it looks so clear?

    So to be brief... how can i make a Photoshop-made image look clear in Flash 5.0, just as it was in photoshop.

    Thnx in advance.


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    I believe that Flash behaves best with bmps - so maybe that will work?

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    I've used high quality JPEGS and adjust quality on Flash export. But PNGs are aparently best suited for flash.

    try that.


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    Thnx very much for replying guys... i will try that as soon as possible.

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    still not working

    Well its still not working. The same effect comes from doing any type of file.

    Does anybody else have any good suggestions? ( pweeeez )

    To experience what i see just go to the link posted in the very beginning of this topic.

    Right click the image and click save picture as...

    save it and import it into your flash... just to get a glimpse of what it looks like... cuz remember .. it could happen to you to =P.

    Thanx again.

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    If your image is currently a GIF it would be best to convert the Photoshop document to RGB. Then save as a PNG image. Import the PNG into Flash. Open your Library. Double click the icon for the image you just imported. Uncheck "use document default" Set your quality to 90 or something. Export your movie.

    Should work

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