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    So far this is only happening in Internet Explorer 5 for Macintosh. I have a frameset with two frames. One has a navigation system in Flash, the other is the area for content. When you click on a button, the main frame loads with new content and the navigation flash piece flickers as the new page is loaded in the main frame. this is really annoying and does not happen with PC IE or netscape and does not happen with Mac Netscape. I don't know about previous versions of IE for Mac. please let me know if there is something I can do about this annoying flickering problem. thanks.

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    me too

    just wanted to offer condolences...
    this seems to be a general problem.
    i have a site, http://www.quelltext.net/ where it loads a flash movie if someone has flash, and a gif if there's no flash. they're supposed to look just about exactly the same, but in explorer on the mac it's obvious that something's fishy, because when you roll over with the mouse it flickers.
    i'll have to look into the cause, but everyone pretty much has their complaints about ie5 for the mac and the flash plugin. hope they clear this up soon.

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    The "flickering" is an old problem with IE on Mac, though I can´t remember if it was the same with IE4.5.
    I can remember that this problem also existed with the Flash4 plugin.
    No help there as far as I know. I use IE5 most times and I see a lot of Flash sites "flickering" .

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    thank god.
    I thought I was losing my mind.
    Although that sucks, at least it's not something that I've been doing wrong. Thanks for the information.

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