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Thread: How do i... ultradev?

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    Hey.. i know this is a flash site.. but with flash comes macromedia and with macromedia is ultradev.. soo..
    i need to make a page that when a user clicks on the drop down list or inserts some information.. when they click submit it goes to a database... ( or even a file on the server or e-mail.. i dont even care!)
    this is preobably really easy.. and like 1/3 of every site has it.. so if anyone could give me a leg up on how to do it..


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    If you've got Ultradev it's pretty easy. You need to set up all the connections first and install that Microsoft Personal Web server, which you've probably done. Get hold of Access and build a simple database with all the fields you need in it and make sure Ultradev knows where it is. Build your form first, set your database connections, build a recordset and follow the Update database tool. The worst and most important part is getting the connections right. After that, it's very straightforward because the functions you need are built in to Ultradev. It has a help tool that takes you through each step. Hope this helps.

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    I have a small ultradev workshop at my site taht covers this:


    Just use the UltraDev link and it'll take you there.

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    thanks guys..

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