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Thread: How can I open a PDF file from a Flash projector

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    Does anyone know how to run a standalone PDF (that is, not in a browser) from a Flash projector.

    I'm creating a cross platform CD, so need info for both Mac and PC.

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    You can use the DOS/Command Line commands of Start and cmd to open a file in it's default application.. you can also use a .bat file..

    Otherwise the use of a 3rd party tool is required.. commercial tools made available by Northcode or *********** will do the trick..

    My freeware tools are also available for this as well..

    Flashtools 4

    Flash Command Line Tools v5.0 can be found here.. they are much improved over version 4.. but they require advanced user knowledge..


    The syntax for Flash 5 coding has changed..

    This thread has info on the changes..

    For Macintosh you need to use applescript.. (a search on the board should reveal some useful threads)

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