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Thread: stop sound and mc position in external swf..help!!

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    I have a background music loop playing with an on/off button to operate it. The mc for it has 3 stages:-
    start/on/off - which is all loaded from an external file. This all works fine, but the problem lies with another button that plays a steaming sound track to a large animation, I have it set to stop all sounds - which is fine, but the on/off button (if playing when stopped)is left in the wrong state - the "on" position.
    This is serious, because it is now giving out the wrong information, plus it causes problems when clicked on again - like duplicate music loops.

    Anyway, I was wandering if you could advise me on how I can tell the b/g music loop to not only stop, but go to a particular position within it's mc (which is external).

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    you have two options ...

    first is to target you MC in the external .swf when you click on the button to stop the streaming sound track.


    on(release) {
    _leveln.gotoAndStop("stop label");

    your other option is to use the soundObject and use the click of the button to stop only the streaming sound track and leave the background sound loop playing.

    hope this helps. If you need some more info on using the soundObject, just shout.


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