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Thread: Making Flash Projector Full Screen with INF File...possible?

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    Hey guys..I want to make my CD-ROM Flash movie play in FULL SCREEN when the inf file executes...just like a screensaver almost...just completely full screen...is this possible?

    Is there a setting in Flash 5 that does this automaticly?..I looed and can't find anything....or maybe is there a program that converts swf into a exe file that you could make full screen somehow?

    I need this info to complete this project.I know this is probablya simple thing but I just can't remember how it's done.

    Joey - Head Webdesigner/Developer

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    FSCommand for Fullscreen

    I put the following action in the first frame of my movie: fscommand ("fullscreen", "true") Besides full screen, my movie plays well at lower screen resolutions also.

    Hope this helps.


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    Corl is right, follow his instructions.

    The funny thing is: that's what I was trying to do last night and it worked.

    In Flash 5, select File then click on Publish Settings or press keys Ctrl+Shift+F12. A tabbed dialog box will come up, it will show you a list of file types you could convert your Flash movie. In that list, there is an option for Windows Projector (.exe), click on that check box.

    Then press Publish (right side of dialog side).

    Now for the inf file. Open up any basic text file eg Notepad. I don't know what is your file name for the projector. So in this example I will call it project.

    Open notepad. Type the following.


    Save the file as autorun.inf but make sure the Save as Type is All File Types (*.*). Otherwise you'll get a file called autorun.inf.txt.

    Place the project.exe and the autorun.inf file in the same directory on your CD.

    Hope that helps,


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