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Thread: custom cursor (with actions)

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    Hey All,
    I am trying to figure out how to assign actions to a custom cursor. For example i already know how to create a custom cursor but i need to know how to make this cursor do actions. Example having the cursor doing mouse actions, on rollover, rollout, on press simple things like these.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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    The actions are implemented by the buttons pressed by the custom cursor, not by the cursor itself if i'm understanding you okay. So for instance, create a button, drag an instance of it onto the stage, select it, open its object actions panel, and give it actions:

    on ( release ) {

    _root.someClip._visible = 1 ;


    on ( rollOver ) {

    this._xscale = 10 ;

    i may not be answering the right question here, but there you go...

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    you can also create a sveral states of your cursor
    on differnt frames such as the arrow, the hand, and whatever else
    place them on seperate frames in the cursor movie file
    and for various button states use
    on rollover
    telltarget _cursor
    goto frame x
    and so forth
    be careful of rollout statements, they don't always update.
    other option is to use a _root.cursor.hittest(_root.mc)

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