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Thread: I'm new to network programming...

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    Could someone please teach me the basics to XML?

    I'm a fairly good programer... I know trig, arrays, strings, ect ect... but i don't know networking

    since flash 5 implements XML I would REALLY appreciate if someone were to help me =]
    Thanks. =]

    [I'll put my footer on soon]

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    Talking xml syntax

    xml is pretty basic for flash. Here is an example:
    {?xml version="1.0"?}
        {quote}To be or not to be...{/quote}
    Please replace the "{" or "}" with "<" or ">". I did this because if you are using IE4.0+, Netscape6, or Mozilla it will count what I typed as legal xml and only display what's between the elements.

    That's it. xml is basically a way to store data and data only. You make your own tags/elements and attributes. as long as there well formed (i.e. <a></a>) They will be able to be parsed by any application. to understand xml more I suggest you go to http://www.xml101.com or http://www.w3school.com/xml/.
    For information on using xml check all over this board.

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