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Thread: movie clips

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    Hi there,
    I want to have an area in my Flash 4 movie where I can have another movie clip play on a mouse over event. To be more specific, I want a few rising and rotating small letter 'k's to rise from the mouse over hit area. I am having difficulty with the whole 'movie clip' idea and how to implement it. I can make it all happen in a normal movie, in so much as I can do all the motion and rotation stuff with motion tweening, but am having problems with implementing it as a separate clip etc
    Any Help would be very much appreciated
    John Stuart

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    Make your rising letter k's into a movie clip by selecting >insert>Convert to symbol or by copying the frames you want and pasting them into a new movie clip >insert>new symbol>movie clip

    Then to get the mouse over effect, you can create a button (>insert>new symbol>button)and put your movie clip into the "over" keyframe of the button.

    Also, if you leave the "up" keyframe blank then nothing will show until the mouse passes over the button. You can also set the mouse area that the button will react to by setting the "hit" keyframe of the button. And the "down" keyframe is what will show when the button is held down.

    Hope this helps.

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