I have a project with mutliple drop targets and multiple MCs. Each MC will snap to each drop target when dropped there, and will also snap to their current drop target when dropped outside of any other drop target. Anyway, each drop target is a black circle and each MC is a little bit smaller colered circle. I can drop mutiple MCs on each drop target, but if there is an MC on a certain target already and I try to drop another on that same target, it will only work if I release the mouse over the 1/2 inch black border of the target. Most of the rest of the target is covered by the other MC, so if I try to release it over the covered portion, it stays stuck to the mouse and wont drop. I thought this was simply because the other MC was covering it, so I changed the layers of the targets so that they appeared on TOP of the MCs, but the same thing happens. Is there any way to prevent the MC from interfearing from dropping other MCs on that same location???