Hi everyone;

whoever can help with this.... I'm desperate!

My computer crashed and I had to reformat my hard drive, luckily I had recently backed up my web sites. To make a long story short I lost tons of fonts. the main one I need is Berlin Sans FB. My whole site is done in it. Man, when I open up the .fla is looks like hell cuz I don't have the berlin sans fb font anymore.

I've looked online but I only see it for sale a whopping $289. Anyway, I've installed all my old programs trying to find it, I don't where I got it from. But if you have it, can you please please email it to me at renee614h@aol.com

i'll gladly make you a mix tape/cd anything you want. Even pay.

thank you thank you
any suggestions would greatly help. I have a PC w/ win2000 I think it's true type font. The easiest way to see if you have it is too go into Word and click on the font menu and see if it's on the list.

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