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    I'm trying to get random text characters to display on my movie (in a fixed position).

    I know that somewhere on the web, an example .fla exists, but I can't find it. It's a long shot, but I don't suppose any has stumbled across such a thing?



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    I don't have the fla you're looking for but you can use this to do the same.

    Create a text veriable called "letter" at the position you want the character to appear.

    then use

    Set Variable: "letter" = chr(random(255)+1)

    This will choose a random character and display it in the variable "letter".

    Hope it helps,


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    Thanks for your help, Rich.

    I did find the fla I was looking for but it was far too complex for my simple requirements!!

    Your way works exactly as I need it to and I can understand what it's doing!!!


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