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    I'm a newbie, but I'm trying to understand as much as i can with action script. will someone please give me a brief description of tell target, how it works, and why use it?? Also what the heck is "_level0" etc???

    I'd greatly appreciate your reply.

    Thank You.


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    The tell target statement is used to control movie clips. You can give a movie clip an instance name and control it from you main timeline using the tell target statement followed by one or more commands as you probably are used to use for your main timeline (example: goto frame... etc.) I advise you to search the flash help files on these kind of subjects. It's very easy to understand. With _level0 you can give a command to the main timeline from a movieclip. Or, if you loaded more than one movie by using the load movie command, you can give a command from the movie in _level1 to the main timeline of _level0

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