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Thread: Embedding Font: SWF File Size

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    I am producing an interactive advertising banner and it has a dinamic text field which should display a text string calculated from a script formula.
    Embedding text works fine but the file is more that 3 times its size than when the font is not embedded. The weird thing is that when I create static text fields (the font is embedded by default), the size remains at 7K, even with all the script code. If I choose not to embed the fonts to my dinamic text field, size is still 7K. All I have to do is click the "[...]" (Embed All) button and... Voilá! Size is now 26K!!!
    Since commercial add banners must be at 24K maximum, this behavior will jeopardize my entire project.
    Does anybody have a clue for what is going on? Is there a way to embed a font only once and have it used to all text field, dinamic or not?
    I am using the same font for both static and dinamic text fields. It is the only font I am using at this project... Flash 5.


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    What kind of graphics do you have in the banner. Try inching down the JPEG quality, so that the filesize is </= to 24k. Not sure about the embedded fonts, but this could be a workaround.

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    If you are using static text, Flash only embeds the characters you need to display the text. Hence its only 7k. If you select embed all it includes the whole 256 characters. In most cases you don't need all the strange extra chacracters.

    If you don't need all the weird characters and international accented characters it's much better to just use the embed uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and punctuation. You then may need to add extra characters into the addition embed area as needed (e.g. if you are going to be displaying french you may want to add only the french accented characters), but I reckon you will get easily below the 24k mark if you do that.

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    Thanks tone001!

    I'll try to add the special characters I'm using, since I'm writing in Portuguese and we do have accents. But the file will surely be much smaller! I'll add only non-caps letters and mannualy add the missing ones!
    Thank to you too, kb1827, but I still don't have any graphics at all, just fonts. That's why I was amazed by the size of my file. It will surely work roght now!

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