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Thread: Sponsorship for multimedia masters degree in England. Possible?

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    I've just been accepted to do Design for interactive Multimedia at Middlesex Uni in England. I'm really excited about it but i'm having a few problems getting money to do it. My parents have said that they can help me out but i want to do this by myself. It will prove to myself that this is really what i want to do, and it will make it all the more satisfying when i graduate. Has anybody heard of people like me being sponsored by Design houses or the like, as long as they work for the company upon graduation for a certain fee and length of time?
    If anybody knows of people that i might contact, or where i can get information on how to do this, that would be great. Wish me luck!

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    What do you need money for? Is the university not paying you? From your post, it sounds like you'll be working for them.


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    sorry, i didn't explain myself very well. I am going to be a student there doing a masters degree. Sort of midway between a phd and a normal degree. I need to pay the uni 3100 pounds for tuition, and then i need to find money so that i can pay my rent which is about 100 pounds a week alone! Then i need food money etc. Argh! Anyone know of any British companies that do this sort of sponsorship for people like myself?

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