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Thread: How to associate different buttons with different pictures to appear?

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    I have 3 "Buttons"...B1, B2 and B3.
    I also have 3 "images"...I1, I2 and I3.

    The images are NOT inside the buttons, they are independent elements.
    The Buttons are on the left, the Images are on the right.
    Like this:

    [B1] *Image I1 here*
    [B2] *Image I2 here*
    [B3] *Image I3 here*

    Initially: ---------------------------
    only the 3 Buttons on the left are visible.
    (All 3 images are NOT visible at all initially).

    What is needed: ---------------------------
    Depending on which Button is clicked,
    a specific Image should become visible!


    if Button B1 is clicked, image I1 (only) should appear,
    if Button B2 is clicked, image I2 (only) should appear and
    if Button B3 is clicked, image I3 (only) should appear.

    Any ideas out there on how do this with SWISH 1x?
    (Maybe it's only possible in SWISH version 2...).



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    Ok..lets just talk through ONE boutton and ONE Image

    The Action for the button should be... ON PRESS "play Button sound" (if you have one) then also IN RELEASE goto Frame ##.

    Now the images. You have three images in your scene stack.

    I1 is the one we will deal with. Put a Hide in the first frame of I1
    At frame 5 (it can be any frame number) put Stop on the scene line (The Top Line) and add a Goto frame "0" to that STOP

    Now that "ON RELEASE GOTO FRAME ##" make that Frame 6
    At frame six for Image one put in a Show, or a fade in or whatever.

    Now at frame 10 ON THE SCENE LINE put another STOP
    At Frame 11 of the I1 line put a HIDE.

    The next Images actions and instructions are the same but are all directed to FRAME 11...ie a Show for the Image etc etc.

    Hope your not confused. I am

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    Thanks JOFTA!

    Thanks JOFTA!


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    Sounds pretty easy. Sounds like some rollover show/hide commands.What you need to do is this.
    With your button:
    At frame 0 put a stop frame with a show on the 3 buttons and hide on the the 3 pics.
    Make an action for each button.

    B1 - on rollover goto frame 5. On rollout got to frame 0
    At frame 5 put a show action on I1 with a stop action

    B2 - on rollover goto frame 6. On rollout got to frame 0
    At frame 6 put a show action on I2 with a stop action

    B3 - on rollover goto frame 7. On rollout got to frame 0
    At frame 7 put a show action on I3 with a stop action

    Make sure you have a hide after each show on frames 5,6 and 7.

    Here is an example.


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    Originally posted by onerw
    Any ideas out there on how do this with SWISH 1x?
    (Maybe it's only possible in SWISH version 2...).
    You can do it in either swish 1.x or 2.
    As far as swish v1 goes you need to do it the way the others said and in v2 you can Just select your button (assuming its just text or an image)and convert it to a button, then put your picture in the over state or which ever state you want it to be in.

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