Hi all
I知 not sure where to post this, but if this is the wrong forum I guess one of the handy moderators can move it easily enough.

Anyway, I was wondering what are the most impressive flash games, (and even some shockwave games) you have ever seen.

Here are a few of mine.

This is a very good game, one of the few flash games I keep coming back to. Flash mini golf, very good, soon to have multiplayer options. In fact there whole range of multiplayer games are amazing. Only the other week I was playing, flash pool, yes you read correct FLASH POOL against a 13 year old Chinese girl. Needless to say I kicked as. Check out this site

Not a bad game, unusual, and fun, take a look

This is a fun game, and quite different, Alex will like this one.

This is one hell of a game, excellent. It has many of the qualities of a good game, and the ability to unlock new character, that is cool.

Thanks for you contributions, I知 just trying to see what can be achieved in flash games, and if possible succeeded commercially. In other words, I would like to see what games all of you flash designers like, plus the ones 13, 14, 15,.. year old boys girls, and anyone who is not directly involved with flash like, as it takes less to impress them, and in the end that痴 whose opinions count.