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Thread: freelance vs working in a company

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    What are the advantages of working as a freelance webdesigner as oppose to working in a webdesign company? Hmm..I think working in a company offers more advantages??
    What about u ..ppl? What are u working as? Do u like ur job?



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    If you freelance, you only have to answer to yourself!!!
    Nobody breathing down your neck, and there are more options for creativity.

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    depends on the firm

    probably depends on the firm. do they offer any benefits? do you get 2 work with other flash developers? people who are fun? people who share your creative vision? do you get to express yourself creatively? is your opinion valued? is the pay good?

    if not. then it might just be better to freelance. i don't know. i work for a firm. i'd be worried that there isn't enough money in freelancing. but i could be way off base. there could actually be more money in freelancing. and it wouldn't suck 2 be your own boss either.

    my 2 cents.

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    My own experience has shown me that I can make at least as much money freelance as an employee, and work less hours in the process. It seems it's a common trade-off of job security for income. Example: for the real-world Flash experience I have (~8 months), I couldn't really hope for more than about $50 000 salary in my first year. But if I charge $50/hour freelance (or at least base my flat-fee contracts on that rate), I only have to work 1000 hours in a year, or about 20 hours a week.

    I could be fully employed one month then out of work the next. That big chunk of extra time could be used to a) improve your skills, allowing you to charge even more, and enabling you to bid on projects that were previously beyond your ability; b) seek out new contracts, giving you the chance, potentially doubling your income (ie if you managed to fill all your unused hours); c) enjoy life, raise a family, walk the dog -- whatever.

    There is one big downside to working on your own, however -- you have no fellow employees. I'm talking big social vacuum here. No one to chat with at the water cooler. For eight hours a day (or more). No going to lunch with the gang from the office, no after-work coffee or beer. And it's true that you can't collaborate or learn from others when you're on your own.

    But you do have a great deal of freedom, and stand to make significantly more dollars (unless, of course, you're so hot that companies will offer obscene salaries to you).

    Anyway, that's my take. And -- and I say this with immense satisfaction -- my 500th post!!!

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