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Thread: Saving large sound files

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    This is a a more general, operations questions.

    I am working a project with large sound files. After optimizing my drive this morning, I have had trouble saving these files. The machine just hangs there, with that stupid watch taunting me.

    Any one have an idea what I can do to correct this? I have reinstalled flash and restarted several times, but to no avail.

    Please advise.



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    sound of music!

    Well how are you saving the sound files?
    Dont save it like PCM thats only recomended for buttons, mp3 is your best choice! have you tryed that? you need to reduce the file size, "compression"

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    not exactly

    Thanks for your suggestion, but I am not having problems publishing, but in actually saving the FLA file. I am running a dual 450 G4 and it hangs when I try to save the file in FLASH 5.


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