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Thread: High Quality Toggle

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    Wondering if there is a better way to specifically toggle the high/low quality of flash movie.

    I want to be able to say, "hey make this high quality" with out having to worry about wether or not its already in high quality mode (maybe it had already been tripped by a previous function).

    Thanks - Alexis

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    You could use the High quality property on a button:

    On (Release)
    Set Property (High quality) = True
    End On


    On (Release)
    Set Property (High quality) = False
    End On

    If you wanted the same button to toggle High quality on and off, set a variable "hq" for example and use it to create a reference point:

    On (Release)
    If (/:hq = 0)
    Set Property (High quality) = True
    Set Variable: "/:hq" = 1
    Set Property (High quality) = False
    Set Variable: "/:hq" = 0
    End If
    End On

    There are other ways but this should work.

    Markus B

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