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    Do you know how to make a poll meter?
    Then I mean: I someone pushes button RED the left bar goes at 100% and the Right Bar goes to 0%.
    Then there is pushed again; This time the Left bar goes to 50% and the right bar goes to 50%, And so on....

    Is this possible?


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    There are quite a few ways to achieve this and without specific knowledge of what you require its hard to suggest exactly what is needed, but here is a starter

    Create a movie clip and then create two instances of it one called "right" and one called "left"

    Use the set property command to vary their sizes. For example

    Set Property ("/right", Y Scale) = 25
    Set Property ("/left", Y Scale) = 75

    Flash scales in relation to the movie clip's registration point so depending on what you need to do you may need to reposition the movie clip and/or registration point.

    Hope this helps,


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    I assume you want to poll several different people that visit your site. Flash alone can't save variables to a file, so you won't be able to keep track of all the votes unless you use database / scripting. maybe take this question over to that area of the message boards.

    As for drawing the actual poll meter, the solution above is fine. Make two bars, both going to 100%. The set property ("no", Y Scale) = no / (no+yes) and set property ("yes", Y Scale) = yes / (no+yes)

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