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Thread: Looping a movie clip...

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    Hi Guys,

    OK call me stupid but I can't get an animated logo (movie clip) to play from start to finish - say 5 times - before processing a geturl instruction which loads the frameset.

    I have the Visual Quickpro guide (which is generally very good) but can't find the right code to make this loop. What I don't understand is if I set my loop to start at 0 and increment it by 1 each time the clip plays where does the actionscript go- as each time the initialise bit is called it resets to 0...

    Can anyone help me with a simple answer to my problem? What I need is the actionscript to count 5 MC cycles and then get my frameset html page. The MC loops seamlessly with a gotoandplay frame1 action in the last frame.

    Thanks in advance and big up to anyone who can help me...

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    Put this code on the last frame of your mc:

    add your getUrl code here

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    Thanx mate...

    Thanx mate... 1972 was a good year... I was born in July...

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