in my main.swf, there are 10 buttons and each button,

and I put the preloader for the "blankmc" on the _level0

I tried it, but because all the 10 movies loads on the same target, after the first movie, the computer just remembers the percent preloader result of the first movie loaded. therefore when somebody clicks another button that loads movie2.swf to _root.blankmc, the preloader doesn't work for the second time anymore. it starts to go to the next frame even if the movie2 is not yet loaded.

I wanted just one blankmc as target because I will be adding more buttons in the future and I thought this will work coz I read it in one of your tutorial.

how do I force the computer to re-read the bytes loaded of "blankmc" everytime somebody clicks another button?

by the way, I didn't want to unload the movies as well so that the viewer don't have to wait the second time they click a button.