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Thread: Freaky Streaky jpeg's

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    This is a new one on me.

    I've got a long thin jpeg that I've imported into Flash.

    I've made it into a graphic symbol.

    I've made a movie symbol, using the graphic symbol by wapping a motion tween on it.

    It looks cool when I slide up and down the time-line within the movie symbol, but when I stick it on the main time-line and export to swf it goes VERY STREAKY i.e. I can't even see what the graphic is supposed to be!!!

    ANY IDEAS???

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    If I were to make a quick guess, I'd imagine that your JPG suffered some minor degradation in making it a JPG in the first place and then had those problems (which you probably cannot see) amplified when it was recompressed when you published your SWF.

    A few things to try include:

    Start with a PNG, not a JPG.
    Give the graphic a "do not compress" property in Flash.
    Go with more quality, less compressing for publishing.

    At least give those options a try and see if they take care of your problem. If they do, then you have to balance your quality and compression settings to what's acceptable for your application.

    Keep us posted how it goes, eh?

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    Thanks for tips . . .

    I actually sorted it about 5 mins after posting . . .
    it was a corrupt file!!!

    [small}(if only I was given 1 for every corrupt file I've had!!!)[/small]

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