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Thread: What really makes a great site?

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    I'm in the process of re-designing one of my major sites. I've looked around at hundreds of sites over the last three days. Alot of variety. Some good, but mostly bad.
    So, what truely makes a site great???

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    Good Sites

    Ones that are well thought out and planned before ever touching the keyboard

    Ones that focus on the *user*

    Ones that implement things to enhance....that is don't add belles and whistles just becuase you can.

    Ones that view properly in Netscape 4X, IE5X, Netscape 6, and Opera 5....the most used ones.

    Ones that are unique and creative...(not the same old, same old things you see all of the time)

    For prodessional sites......ones that focus on thier purpose, for personal sites *content*

    Ones that don't take eons to load....only a small percentage is on broadband

    Did I mention 'usability'? <<< Must>>> be easy to navigate...utmost importance.

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    innovative.... It could be made in Frontpage 95 for all i care, innvativeness is key. Then people can 'borrow' your idea and make it better.

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    What makes a good site?
    I think a good site is one that you want to stay at and you don't know why. Usually is has great navigation, good use of colour and above all conveys the message of the company/person along with high impact content.
    I you want people to come back you gotta offer something new. Like a free picture for their desktop, screen saver or something free. Sapphire Design hit the nail on the head, design it miles away from you PC/MAC. Think of you site as a book you want one that makes you turn the pages for more.

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    Hot, Fast and Deep

    Should doo the trick.

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    Three Words


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    A good site is one that focuses on the user. They should be able to get from point A to point B in your site easily. They shouldn't have to take years to work out how to navigate the site.

    A nice clean layout, links/buttons should stick out (not too much though), a good colour scheme and above all keep down file sizes. One last thing; dont use special effects (sound,animation, graphics) in excess. Just enough to keep the user interested. It's a case of getting the balance just right.

    Hope this helps.

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