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Thread: Can sombody help me with actonscript?If you would will you please write actions.....

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    Please write beside the action as to what it does and how and where should I use it?

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    I'm sure most all of us can offer a little bit of help to you but we'll need to start with a question.

    What do you want to know how to do?


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    Simple actionscripts,Let say I want have a cube or box change shape when clicking something say (like click me)and the box moves to full screen.Or scroll bars...How do you do it?And also I want to know how to add a close button at the top of my menu...How do you import mp3's,Everytime I try it It gives me an error message saying something along the lines of cannot read file.ICQ me at...120705800 please help.If you do find an actionscript that does what I Want then add comments to it on every line so I know what it does and how to do it...Send me a fla if possible.

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    Call me crazy but...

    ... it sounds to me like you've made no effort on your own! Grab a book and take some time to read about flash. Look at the help. There are a ton of tutorials on this site.

    Sheeesh..... ok.... I'm off my soap box now...

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