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Thread: Help!This script won't work!

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    loadMovieNum ("yourMovie", 1);

    I found this in one of the posts. I'm trying to load a movie and have it start in frame2. Here is the way the actionscript looks in my test1.fla :

    loadMovieNum ("Test2.swf", 1);

    Why isn't this working? It still starts Test2.swf in frame1.
    Can someone please help me?

    If you have to know why, I'm experimenting with security... trying to get flash to sort of act like cgi. frame1 of test2.swf would redirect back to test1.swf(login area) and frame2 of test2.swf would be member area.

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    try putting a label on frame 2 and go to and play the label instead of the frame #.


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    Re: Script

    You can not make any command to a loading but not yet loaded movie or variables.Both loadMovie and loadVariables need a waiting loop.

    if (_level1._framesLoaded>0){_level1.gotoAndPlay(2);}

    //The last line is not a real codes.

    Note:After loaded, it always play frame 1. Even you said " gotoAndPlay(5)", the frame 1 is still played and then jump to where you specified.

    If you do not want frame 1 to be played, make frame 1 a blank frame.

    I think the security is very loose. I can make an fla and load your movie to _level1 and then goto where I want to go. Can you prevent on(release){_level1.nextFrame();} ?

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    if you load a movie into an empty clip, you can do

    loadmovie('movie.swf', clipholder)
    clipholder.wantframe = 17

    and then have code at the beginning of the movie to go to wantframe once it is loaded.
    Going to specific frame that has not loaded yet will still give funny result, but this way you do not need to have waiting code in your main movie


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