I am stuck. I cannot seem to figure this out, even though I know it should be simple! Anyway, here are the FLA's for the question.


The website is http://www.cmiyouth.com/demo

Here is the problem. When I go to one of the scenes, Particularly the Matt HomePage, And try to click on the pictures and sounds button. It only loads part of the time, and then only after two or three clicks. I am loading an external swf into a blankMC named movie.

Here is the code:

on (press, release) {

It loads fine locally. But once uploaded, refuses to work correctly. Also, there is a preloader in the external swf that doesn't work. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The code is in demo.fla in the Matt Scene, on the Pictures button. If you have any questions about the fla's, email me @ oiurueu@hotmail.com